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SGE Job Arrays

The simplest way of exploiting parallelism on the clusters is to use Job Arrays. A Job Array is a set of batch jobs run from a single job script. For example:

#$ -t 1-100
echo "Task id is $SGE_TASK_ID"

./myprog.exe $SGE_TASK_ID > output.$SGE_TASK_ID

The above script will submit 100 tasks to the system at once. The difference between each of these 100 jobs is the value of the environment variable $SGE_TASK_ID which will range from 1 to 100, determined by the line #$ -t 1-100. In this example, the program myprog.exe will be run 100 times with differing input values of $SGE_TASK_ID. 100 output files will be created with filenames output.1, output.2 and so on.

Job arrays are particularly useful for Embarrassingly Parallel problems such as Monte Carlo Simulations (Where $SGE_TASK_ID might correspond to random number seed), or batch file processing (where $SGE_TASK_ID might refer to a file in a list of files to be processed).

Email notifications

If you enable email notifications in your batch job submission script then you will receive emails for every job in your job array. This helps you determine if any jobs in the array failed but doesn’t help you determine if the entire job array has finished running. Here’s a sensible approach to managing email notifications:

  1. Edit your job array submission script so you are only notified of aborted (a) jobs i.e.

    #$ -M
    #$ -m a
  2. Then submit your job array like so:

    [te1st@sharc-login1 ~]$ qsub my_job_array.sge
    Your job-array 2035587.1-3:1 ("my_job_array.sge") has been submitted
  3. Next, submit a very simple job that will only run when job array 2035587 has completed and emails you when it finishes:

    [te1st@sharc-login1 ~]$ qsub -o /dev/null -e /dev/null -M -m ea -b y -l h_rt=00:00:15 -hold_jid 2035587 -N 'Job_array_finished' true
    Your job 2035588 ("Job_array_finished") has been submitted

You will therefore receive:

  • An email for every failed job in the array
  • An email shortly after the entire job array finishes